The Basic Facial Polish: Brightening

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Brightening Wash-Off Scrub & Mask

A best-seller within the skincare range - a gentle blend of organic brown rice powder and bran provides a mild, yet effective exfoliating and brightening treatment for the skin. A blend of frankincense & rose essential oils lightly scents this product naturally while providing a gentle and nourishing treat for the skin.

Mild exfoliation for all skin types. Use after facial cleansing routine or before makeup application for the best results.

Net weight: 40g

Guide For Use:
Scoop out product with dry hands, mix with Basic Theory's Hydrating Facial Toner or water and form into a thick paste. Apply onto dry face gently, using circular motions. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, until mask dries up. Rinse off with water.  

oryza sativa (powder), oryza sativa (bran), boswellia sacra oil, rosa oil, vitis vinifera oil