Facial Toner: Hydrating

Facial Toner: Hydrating

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Hydrating Toner
A gentle hydrating treatment for the dehydrated skin.

This face toner's formulation features a blend of pure rosewater with rose and frankincense essential oils to balance the skin's moisture levels - leaving the skin soft and supple. Rosewater also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the redness of irritated skin. Use it as a perk me up after spending long hours at the beach. The antioxidants properties of rosewater also aids in regeneration of skin tissues. No synthetic chemiclas are added.

Net weight: 3.38 fl oz | 100g

Guide For Use:
Use this during the first step of your skincare routine. Pour product onto a cotton pad. Using gentle swipes, apply it over the face. 

Aqua, rosewater, aloe barbadensis juice, witch hazel, boswellia sacra oil, rosa oil, vitis vinifera oil