On mental wellness

"Imagine a life where we didn't seek success, beauty or accomplishment out of a lack of self worth - but rather from a place of pure inspiration.

That what pulled us, guided us, was actually love - not fear. Our expressions of self birthed through joy, flowing forth from us with an ease and lightness that expands everyone and everything we touch."

- Heather Pennell

This article was inspired by myself. This sounds so cliche but I want to share my thoughts and feelings - as a normal human being. 

I always feel that no one talks about their bad days. When people ask about your day, everyone has the same answer, "Oh, it was great!". No one ever speaks out about how bad their day went, how anxious they felt and what a crazy whirlwind their week was. 

It's like, everyone's putting on a strong front and doing everything to hide that negativity. I mean, being positive is awesome. But putting on a strong front is definitely not. That is so harmful to our mental well-being and we need to know and understand that it is okay to feel bad, it is not a sin to have bad days and you should can be in control of your own feelings. 

When I was a lot younger, I had this misconception that adults don't cry. I cried a lot as a teenager because I was depressed. I thought that was just a phase and things would get better when I grew older. But things remained the same, I am still crying when I experience sadness. 

Last week was so bad. I cried in silence every single night. I was so stressed and drained out. Everything that can go wrong went wrong (my MacBook Air broke down right in front of me on Black Friday week, imagine that). My mental health was at an all-time low and it was insane. Negative thoughts poured into my head and I experienced bouts of anxiety.

I didn't know how I managed to pull through but miraculously, I did and it was probably because I still felt the love and concern from those around me and that felt so good. Those were the love I failed to give myself and for others to give it to me unconditionally, it was a special touch. 

Learning is a lifelong process and like many others, I am also learning everyday. I want to indulge in more self love and appreciate the goodness of everything around me. Take a break, heal, and repeat this process whenever you feel that you "can't do it" anymore. 

Oh, and remember to take deep breaths because that really helped a lot. 


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