Behind the scenes at Basic Theory, we design every single phases in the process of researching and forumulating the prototypes to the development of the final products. The process does not end here, for stringent checks are often conducted within the studio to further improve on the current fomulations and making sure that our products are always of the finest quality. 

Product development forms a major part of our daily processes while we often recognise the needs of the modern human and curating the right products for them. Our products are naturally scented with essential oils and we experiment with different blends of essential oils that are unique to Basic Theory. Research processes are meticulously regulated to ensure that everything are in safe dosages for the human body. 

Product Care

Store your product(s) at room temperature, keeping them away from direct sunlight. Products with coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa butter might solidify in lower temperatures - they will return to their usual state when removed from that environment.