Sustainability: Our daily life

People tend to shun away when there are discussions about sustainability because they think of it as a hassle. We are not ashamed to admit that we used to be like that when we were young and ignorant. But times have changed and it is time for us, humans, to be more educated towards the topic of sustainability. 

I was in middle school when my Geography teacher was discussing with us on the impacts of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and the scary fact that they are non-biodgradable. To explain it in layman terms: when CFCs are released, their molecules interact with the atmosphere to release harmful substances that destroys the ozone layer. 

*CFCs can be found in food packaging, refrigerators and blowing agents.

There are other non-biodegradable items such as plastic, glass and electronic waste - and we encounter a lot of them in our everyday lives. 

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Give these images a second thought: do we really need those extra packagings? 

Well, I don't think so. Yet these familiar scenarios are exactly what we are can see on a daily basis. 

It is extremely difficult for normal people like us to lead a life of zero-waste. But it is possible to reduce the damage we are doing. It's as simple as forming a habit and once you get used to those little changes, life gets easier! 

Let's just start with 2 simple changes that the team did. 

1) Get a reusable grocery bag. 

Image Source: Brook Farm General Store

Grocery shopping is something that we do 2-3 times in a week. We need at least 2 plastic bags every time and that equates to 6 plastic bags a week - just on our grocery hauls. The fact that most places (in Singapore) do not charge extra for plastic bags made it even more difficult for people to reduce their reliance towards them. 

We can resolve this easily though, as most grocery stores sell reusable bags and they retail for a few dollars each. The team got ours about a year ago and had been using them happily ever since! 

2) Reusable Straws


Image Source: Eco at Heart

I was very triggered when I saw a video of an insane amount of disposable plastic straws stuck inside the nostrils of a turtle. Undesirable human actions are causing so much harm to the marine life.

But guess what, there are alternatives - reusable straws. 

3 different types of straws are available in the market today. We can find those made of either stainless steel, glass or bamboo. Most of them come with matching brushes that allow users to clean them throughly. So, use them at ease! 

Start with the little things first, so you aren't going to find conscious-living too much of a hassle. Start small and do big.