Toner Hacks

We've recently launched our toner collection and because of their all-natural properties, they are super versatile. We are loving how they are more than just toners and we want to show you a few of our favorite ways to use them! 

#1 Quick Mask

Soak some cotton pads with the Hydrating toner and place it all over the face for 3-5 minutes for an instant soothing treatment. 

P.S This leaves the skin super soft and supple and what's best is that it only takes 5 minutes max. No regrets. 

P.P.S We also love using this hack before applying our base makeup because it literally makes our foundation glide on like a breeze! 

#2 Wet your Beauty Blender

Wet your beauty blender with the hydrating toner. The rosewater-infused toner helps to soothe and moisturize the skin, making your foundation glide onto your skin like a dream.

This hack is especially good for those with dry skin!

#3 Exfoliate those Pouts

Yes, you read it right. Use the Balancing toner as a lip scrub. Soak a cotton pad with the toner and scrub the lips with gentle circular motions. It's a quick, gentle exfoliating treatment for the lips (if you ever run out of your favorite lip scrub). 

#4 Gentle Cleanser

Sometimes I am just too hungry after my workout. You know, that moment where you really just want food. But I do realize that it is extremely important to cleanse my face after a workout to prevent those irritating, unwanted zits later on. 


So I'll just wet a cotton pad with one of the two toners (depending on how my skin is feeling that day) and give it a few gentle swipes for a quick cleanse. My skin instantly feels fresh and I get to enjoy my food in no time. #killingtwobirdswithonestone

#5 Soothe those zits

Soak cotton pads with the Balancing toner and place them over those irritating zits for 3-5 minutes. Apple cider vinegar and witch hazel kills bacteria and removes excess dirt from the skin. Using this method regularly can also help reduce the occurrence of acne and scars. 

There you go! 5 of our favorite hacks and we know there are more to be discovered. If you have a favorite way to use our toner, you MUST let us know. We are more than excited to hear your story. 

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