We've unused more than 600 plastic straws in a year

Here's us in our metal straws cheering to our glasses of iced latte

We had a meeting just now discussing about sustainability related issues and how we could make further improvements to our business with relation to them. It then occured to us that we've used our reusable metal straws for about a year and a half. 

Both of us are heavy drinkers. With that, I mean we drink (and purchase) a lot of coffee, boba teas - literally just lots of beverage in general. Flashing back to those days without metal straws, we've thrown so much plastic away, generated an insane amount of waste and just being really unaware of the massive damage we are doing. 

Some might argue that we are still using plastic cups and yes, that is definitely true but we are doing our best. A lot of places in Singapore still doesn't encourage using personal tumblers for their beverages and it is a hassle since normal tumblers are bulky and definitely isn't something portable. 

But imagine, at least 600 straws saved between the both of us in just a year. Just visualise that crazy amount of straws all decked in front of you. That is a lot of unnecessary waste and is definitely preventable. 

Actually we've concluded that small little actions make big differences in the long run and we'll continue doing this and do even more on top of what we are already doing.

I'll have to admit that changing up your routine takes some getting used to. It IS troublesome to make a trip to the washroom every single time you need to wash your straw, especially when you are outside. I promise you'll get used to it. It just takes time. But it's just that little extra bit of effort and if we are able to incorporate metal straws and reusable totes into our lives, you can too.