The Basic Body Polish: Lavendula

The Basic Body Polish: Lavendula

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Deep and intense relaxation for the tired body & mind

Naturally and lightly scented with pure lavender oil, this body polish offers a calming and therapeutic experience for the tired body. The addition of sweet almond oil in this product helps to massage and nourish the skin. A base of organic sugar and sea salt provides an intense exfoliation for the body and effectively gets rid of dead skin cells. 

Guide For Use: Damp skin, scoop out product and apply in circular motions. Concentrate more on areas with imperfection(s). Rinse with water (or body wash). Moisturize.  

Ingredients: sucrose, sodium chloride, prunis dulcis oil, simmondsia chinesis, lavendula oil, rosa moschata oil, water, alpha tocopherol

6.08 fl oz | 180g